31 January 2002

I Want to Be in a Band

I want to be in a band when I get to heaven.
--Radiohead, Anyone Can Play Guitar.

So, turns out Simeon Seinen, one of my co-workers (of whom I'll eventually steal a picture for the site) is in a band here called "Space Lorax," who will be playing at the Space, a new coffee house here in Kalamazoo. Well, the Space has been open for a couple of months now, but after the Boogies homogeny for years, it still seems incredibly new and exciting.

So, yeah, Simeon's going to be there, he's one of the bands opening up for band called Man Planet, who he says is some incredibly interesting space rock band. Given that several of the bands I listen to regularly are being classified as space rock by, well, those who are "in-the-know," I think I really ought to go and see these guys. And, besides, the man-planet guys are dressed in various colored vinyl-looking substances, which should be rather interesting to see how they react to the lack of ventilation at the Space.

I told Simeon he should dress wrapped up in tin foil. That didn't work. So then I told him he should dress wrapped up in only cellophane. I really hope he know's I'm just joking. I'm pretty sure he knows that, though, as I offered to play the bagpipe in his band. Wonder why he responded to that with a laugh.

While we're on the subject of music, there's a song I heard, called Frontier Psychiatrist by the Avalanches. In the opening, and I quote:

"...Dexter's truancy problem is way out of hand. The Baltimore County School Board have decided to expell Dexter from the entire public school system."

"But, Mr. Kirk(?), I'm as upset as you are with Dexter's truancy, but surely expulsion is not the answer!"

"I'm afraid expulsion is the only answer, it is the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane."

Now, Chauncey brought something to my attention: When was the last time you heard of a school board who could declare someone criminally insane? Isn't that a bit much power for them to have? Besides, the entire staff is of that opinion, too? What, like the janitors and lunch ladies came down and were debating the mental health of Dexter? I feel sorry for Dexter.

Well, with that out of my system, I'm going off, back into the real world. As always, feel free to give me an e-mail (mercadal@khons.diablonet.net) and bother me about my ranting. Buh-bye for now.