9 March 2003

Holy Cow

Holy cow, you do it to yourself, you do,
and that's why it really hurts...
--Radiohead, Just

Well, this time I've really done it to myself.

I was kickin' it around the house last night with Bob Cavanaugh and Justin Triplett, and I'd had a couple of Bell's Porters. Well, three on an empty stomache.

Now, I'm not a big drinker, but I think I've got a pretty good tolerance for alcohol. British drinking genes and all. But this is Bell's. This is a beer that, once, after having had maybe four or five, I remember only lying on my back on the bed kicking my legs in the air, and thinking it was the most entertaining thing in the world. Bell's is a crazy beer.

So, we're sitting around, and there's a bottle of hair dye sitting on the table, which I picked up on Thursday or Friday. I've wanted to dye my hair red for a while, but just never really got around to it. It's kind of like the abstract idea of, oh, say, cleaning out the closet. You know you should, and you'd rather like to, but it's never really up there on the agenda.

Now, I had planned on dying my hair red on Saturday anyway, but I didn't get around to it during the day. So, not having much else to do, and with Bob and Justin and me all ancy to see what I'd look like with some nice bright-ass hair, I broke down and dyed it myself.

After dying the hair, well, I had to show it off, right? So we headed down to Fourth Coast, and sat around for a while. Finally, I eventually went off to Up & Under and hung out. Radiohead Dave was there, and I sat at his table for about an hour, and, afterwards, we departed for the Coast (yet again)

Sitting around, after about 20 minutes, Dave finally looks at me all strange. I reply in kind (only if you know Dave will you understand the strange looks only he can contort his face into) And he asks what I did to my hair. Observant, our Dave is, noticing after only about an hour and a half that my hair was a different color.

In tribute to strangely colored hair, and as some sort of random connection to the quotation I used for this story, and for the sake of putting some kind of picture on the website, please enjoy this disturbing picture of Thom Yorke.

Wow. Compared to that I feel normal.

Thom Thom Yorke
An airbag saved his life.