13 September 2004


You are in two minds
Tossing a coin to decide whether you should tell your folks
About a dose of thrush you got while when licking railings
--Belle & Sebastian, Lazy Line Painter Jane

I'm on heavy duty painkillers, so if I don't make much sense, don't let's blame it on me, OK?

So, I went to Sindecuse this afternoon, with a horrible sore throat, complete with pus spots in the back, and so they test me for strep, which came back negative. Back to the lab I go, then, to be tested for mononucleosis, which also comes back negative. So, I'm on antibiotics now, since it looks not unlike a bacterial infection, and some drugs that make me drowsy and not hurt as much.

Hence the reason I'm updating the site; I can't really concentrate enough to do schoolwork, and I feel sort of cloudy, but not really sleepy enough to take a nap.

On a different note, I went to a Chinese buffet sometime last week. Whilst chowing down on some yummy things, I, yet again, looked up my Chinese horoscope sign on the placemat. Being a Cock, it said I am selfish and eccentric, and, upon vocalizing these concerns to Laura, she retorted that I wasn't really selfish. The sin of omission here, of course, is not saying that I am not also eccentric.

So, of course, a dialogue insues, leading to the following conclusion: I am eccentric because I am a six foot six man who rides a moped. To which I could think of no good comeback.