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You want to learn about our members? Well, you've sure come to the right place. Here's biographies, links, and picutres of our members, past and present.

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All your favorite ZTV members are right here! They're sorted by the years that they joined up in. If we're missing someone, well, I'll put them up here eventually. Don't panic.

Second Generation Originals (1996)
Dan:The God of editing
Nick:The Art of leg-rubbing
John Paul:Rollins that pushed the envelope
Chancellor:Talented talent
Matt:Jack of all trades
Matthieu:All about the hair
1997 to 1999
Ross:Craziness, in a good way
Shana:Completely beyond words
Briana:Originally ubiquitous
Charles:With the news
Amanda:Our first ZTV Mouseketeer
Rachel:Always on the phones
2000 to 2002
Tim:Overlord of audio
Brenden:Mixing it up
Ryan:Rollins of Kung-Fu glory
Laurel:When loyal viewers become loyal members
Ben:The sporting Michigander
Jim:A man of many hats

Well, this is the list of people I have thus far. Right now, I can think of several other people who need listings. If you're not here and can give me a paragraph, please do next time you get a chance to stop by ZTV. If you're not listed here and were on the show, heck, still bring down a paragraph about yourself.

Members who need pages:
Anne Allen, Justin Triplett, Jonah Standish, Andrew Sensei-Good, Mary Hoppe, Jose Martinez, Becky Hoffman, Andre Babbit, Mike Tulock, Michael Dudley, Bob Cavanaugh, Alex Reich, Eric Pitcher, Jason Reese.
Leaders who should have pages:
Matthew Clysdale, Bill O'Brien, Mark F. Monk.

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