About Me

My name is Charles, but you maybe figured that out already.

I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and keep myself occupied by being as excellent an example of humanity as possible.

Looking for a more blah-blah-blah explanation? Well, I'm not looking to join the National Honor Society or anything—but I have spent my time volunteering in the past at some of my favorite places, and I honestly enjoy getting messy fixing my house. I work at a job I love. I live in interesting times.

(If what you're looking for is an outline of my professional life, LinkedIn is a better bet.)

Charles at Trinity Church, Niles
Darting Around
Me, at Trinity Church in Niles, Michigan, right after my confirmation.

This Web site is a compendium of stories, pictures, and projects. Much of what you see here is from years ago. Today, I focus most of my efforts here only on finely crafted updates to the main page.

When I have free moments, I enjoy ambling around downtown Kalamazoo.

I have been accused of knowing everyone. This can make spending time with me infintely interesting, if you enjoy meeting people.

I'm married to Laura Jorgensen, er, Mercadal. Our two children are named Violet and Eleanor.

This site continues to exist through the generous donation of bandwidth and server space provided by the Diablonet. In thanksgiving to Sean's volunteerism in providing this service, and in recognition of the help from several of its users, I'll end with a shoutout, in archaic form: