These pictures all taken 25 September 2004. Strangely enough, exactly one month later than the previous set of pictures. Photographic credits to Justin Triplett. Click on the images for higher quality versions. He has a fine digital camera.

Although Justin took no pictures of it, Mill E has now also been reduced to only its foundations. I didn't see any of the work they did on it, though, considering how nature collaspsed half of it in December 2000, I'm sure it didn't take much work for Homrich to finish the other half.

The Powerhouse and Mill D seem to be untouched as of yet.

Just so you get it, this is from Alcott Street. A pretty bleak area between Alcott and Bryant.

This is looking down at Mill C from where Mill C used to be.

Just to show you what's left of Mill C. Notice in the upper left hand corner of the picture you can see where the pipes come across from the Powerhouse. As of today (29 Sept.), most of what you see here is not standing any more. The part of the wall immediately below the conduit coming from the Powerhouse is still standing (I assume it is needed to keep those pipes up), however, most of the rest of these exterior wall areas have been torn down.

The scrap metal piles near Mill C.

That just looks bizarre.

Where this is, I don't know, but I'm certainly intrigued by it.

There is yet another set in the series, from 23 December 2004.