This set of pictures, all taken in either late November or December 2004, show the most recent demolition at Allied Paper.

There are two prior sets of photos, from August and September.

The Powerhouse is, as of yet, still almost completely intact. The roll grinding building, however, is gone.

The smokestack still stands as of writing (1 Feb). This picture was taken near the end of November, while Mill D was still not yet fully demolished. Many bricks abound, and part of Mill D is still standing to the left of this.

This picture was also taken near the end of November. Some of Mill D still stood, then...but by this next picture, well, not so much.

This picture was taken from Reed Street, and shows how very empty the whole block now is.

This is also from Reed Street, with a little less silhouette. All that was left of Mill D when this picture was taken (15 Dec.) is one of the firewalls. Notice the conduit coming out from the side of the Powerhouse. Let's look at that from Bryant St.

This conduit was gone as of the 23rd of December. In fact, the pipes which from the Powerhouse lead out to Alcott Street (and, in my youth, across Alcott) are now gone.

These pipes, which went directly across Bryant from the Powerhouse to Mill C, were still up throughout December, but came down (along with the last vestiges of Mill C) in January.

The electric box in front of the Powerhouse is full of junk! I wonder how long it's been like that.

This is the rear of the Powerhouse, which looks to still be almost completely intact.

By the way, feel free to use these pictures however you see fit. Some of these are available by clicking on them in 1600x1200 in relatively high quality JPEG. If you need these pictures as TIFF or the like (or want a higher resolution version of those not available in 1600x1200 here, feel free to e-mail me. Contact information available at my site.)