This portion of the Derpsite! is not currently updated.
There have been no changes to it since 2005–2007.
It is being kept for archival purposes, and probably will not be updated again in the future.
The information herein is not current.
This photo is here because it looks good here.

I alphebetized by first name. You are not my second grade teacher, so stop judging me.

Alex Reish—All Reish
Bob Cavanaugh—Oh, did I mean "Rob"?
Brenden Barnett—Musical genius, or genius musical?
Chancellor Lee—He would mind.
Charlie Schmidt—Who remembers a long evening of Trivial Pursuit.
Eric Morocco—Definitely not the senator
Jim Plocinik—What was that, Jim?
John-Paul Lohrstorfer—The television legend
Jose Martinez—The elusive ghost
Josh Cypher—Brews beer, but drinks wine?
Justin Triplett—Lawn barbeque guy
Justin Mickatavage—Co-worker
Laura Jorgensen—My girlfriend
Matt Lohrstorfer—Eat my nachos.
Matt Slack—The guy with that ubiquitous orange hat
Philipp Jonas—The human debugger
Russell Dekema—Is way, way, way too into cellular phones
Sean Caron—Diablonet guru
Simeon Seinen—Space Lorax
Radiohead Dave—A man of many hats
If you're not on here, and you want to be, you probably should have said something to me in 2006.