Places and Things

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There have been no changes to it since 2002–2006.
It is being kept for archival purposes, and probably will not be updated again in the future.
The information herein is not current.
A Snowman
...with the instrument of its own demise
This page is full of things I just couldn't get rid of. My trash is your treasure. Yeah, I'm that good ...
Found Around Kalamazoo
God Smearing Majority—Who wants to steal your identity?
Ammunitionless Gun—oh, and the Lucifer rocket.
Boss Broken Arm—We broken English.
Places Around Kalamazoo
Boogies—Some pictures and background.
Community Access—Where I produce some TV shows.
Upjohn—The downtown complex.
TV Shows
Flo Zone—Classic Community Access hip-hop show.
Urban Lounge—A more modern show.
ZTV—Old-school high school show I was on.