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F. A. Q.

This is the Frequently Asked Questions section. It is here to help you find out answers to the most commonly-asked questions here at ZTV WEB. Got a question not on the list? Feel free to visit our comments page and ask.

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ZTV F. A. Q.
What was ZTV?
ZTV was a television show that was on Kalamazoo Cable Access TV on Friday nights unless pre-empted by some other item.
When was ZTV cancelled?
ZTV ceased to be a production sometime in the summer of 2003, having aired its last show in May of 2003.
I'm in high school...how can I get involved in video production?
If you're in the greater Kalamazoo area, see the contact information below for the Community Access Center. Classes are offered through the EFE program, and plans for a new video club, in the vein of ZTV, are underway.
What is CTV's Public Uproar/QRSTV?
CTV's Public Uproar is the ZTV summer counterpart, containing mostly former ZTV members back from college over the summer, along with various other Access celebrities. It is a similar format to ZTV, but far more opinionated and occasionally crazier.
What was the purpose of ZTV?
It was a chance for a bunch of nitwits to have their own TV show. We got up in front of the camera and discussed a topic. People called in and helped us have fun.
What time was ZTV on?
ZTV used to be live 7.30 on Friday nights, and is replayed from time to time throughout the week. There is still an tape in regular rotation on Community Access.
Why can't I get your show?
Well, maybe 'cause we're not on the air any more. Most likely, though, you live outside the viewing area, or are having strange cable problems. No, I can't fix your cable. Please don't ask.
What is the phone number to call?
Don't call us...we'll call you.
Why does it say I can't call in on this particular day?
Probably because it is a rerun, and, therefore, we would not be there.
How was this possible? (or: Whom shold I have blamed?)
Thanks to Cable Access in Kalamazoo and the Tim Lyons Memorial Video Club. See the credits at the end of the program.
Can I contact someone at Access with questions about ZTV?
You most certainly can. Mark F. Monk was the most recent instructor of ZTV, so for most general questions regarding ZTV, this would be the fellow to start with. If you have programming or scheduling questions, you'd probably want to ask for Tim Lang at Access. Oh, yeah, and the phone number is 343-2211 for the main offices.
I really really want to see your show but live outside the viewing area.
Tough. Perhaps you could beg us at the show to possibly get you a videocassette, but you'd probably be unimpressed.
Who makes the website?
The crazy webmaster, who is also the crazy ZTV mentor guy. It links are broken, contact the "Comment" page to see if it can be fixed. If the link to the "Comment" page is broken, e-mail ztvweb@khons.diablonet.net
I see a name in the people section whom I've never seen on the show.
This person is probably a tech director or such, whom you would never see on the show because they are in the back. Some of the people are former ZTV members, whose profile we've kept up here to show our progression. Hopefully the captions under their pictures will clear this up for you.
How do I contact the webmaster?
Write to us at the comment page.
How do I make my computer stop crashing?
Get a Macintosh.

If you still need more information, try the following suggestions:

c/o Community Access Center
359 S. Burdick St.
Suite 300
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007

Last FAQ update: 21 September 2003

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