These pictures all taken 25 August 2004. Better pictures will be forthcoming when I have developed a few rolls of film. These were just stills taken from some footage shot with a DVcam, so they are not of the finest quality.

Wow, doesn't it look barren?

A little work in the basement area. This is immediately below where the fire was.

Yesterday, the construction crew passed down one further firewall.

Part of Mill C immediately next to Alcott Street is also missing. This was the first part of the building they started demolishing, and has sat partially demolished like this for a few days now. There is some mist in front of my shot from...

...this hose coming off the fire hydrant.

I took these pictures because I like strange mechanical doo-hickeys.

This is where they hoses from the hydrants are going. A few days ago, instead of apparently just dumping water on the rubble, they had a large blower mechanism which had water attached. That was, however, during active demolition of the building, rather than just rubble removal. Note also, here, that you can see part of the basement wall.

The demolition from Bryant Street. I would have a better picture, but I wasn't about to drive over the fire hose crossing the street. They probably wouldn't have appreciated that.

More from Bryant St.: A gaping hole in the fence, and an asbestos warning (*cough cough*).

By the way, feel free to use these pictures however you see fit. If you take them from the site, they should be 640x480. Some are better than others in their full size (depending on the amount of movement in the shot).

There are two newer sets now, from 25 September 2004 and 23 December 2004 available for your perusal.